The meanest thing my mother in-law did to me

Dear AmoMama.

I married a lovely man who is 16 years younger than me and we were very happy. Then, two years after the wedding he received a great work offer to move back to his home city - St Louis.

I had never met his family or even heard much about them. He was vague and distant when I asked about them and soon I was to discover why.

Not long after we moved to St Louis, my husband introduced me to two of his childhood friends and their families. They were very nice, and I was glad to see my husband so happy.

A few weeks later the doorbell rang and I opened to see a woman around my age on my doorstep. She was dressed in an overly 'sexy' way and wore much too much makeup.

She started crying and introduced herself as my mother-in-law. My husband came out and was clearly astounded by her presence. She threw her arms around him and started sobbing and calling him her 'baby'. Soon my husband was crying too. Later she asked me to go out with her for a walk so we could 'get to know each other'.

As soon as we were out of the house her smile vanished and she told me I either left of my own accord or she would make sure my husband dumped me. I told her that was the end of the conversation, but she told me she and her 3 sisters had 'powers' and that I would regret challenging her.

A week later my husband became very ill, and the doctor diagnosed gastritis. He just didn't get better, so he was taken to hospital where his health improved radically. As soon as he got home he would relapse.

This happened 3 times, then the Police showed up and said the doctors suspected he was being made ill - deliberately poisoned. As the wife, I was a suspect, of course. I was investigated, and nothing harmful was found in my home.

My husband has left me, and moved in with his mother, who I later heard from his childhood friends, has always controlled him and destroyed every relationship he ever had. It was because of this that he had left St Louis and hadn't been back.

I am four months pregnant, and I am afraid to tell my estranged husband. I am especially afraid my mother-in-law will harm me or my unborn child, yet I believe he should know before I move back to LA that I am expecting his baby.

What can I do to convince him that I never harmed him? He should know what this woman can do: She has done it before.

Should I go to the Police? Consult a psychiatrist? What can I do? What should I do? I feel alone and completely helpless facing this evil woman.

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