Paris Jackson reportedly tears up as she allegedly begs family to accept her rumored girlfriend

- AmoMama learned from Instagram that Paris Jackson allegedly wants her grandparents to accept her lover, whom the social media network has had a hard time identifying for so long.

- Paris Vegas her mom Janet to plead on her behalf so that the rest of her family can accept her girlfriend who she is supposedly in love with.

- The grandparents of the teenage daughter of Janet Jackson, Paris Jackson, have decided not to accept the relationship between their grandchild and her lover.


The desperate Paris Jackson wants her grandparents Joe and Katherine to accept what she wants, and she pleads with her mom Janet Jackson to talk to them on her behalf.

Paris Jackson who was spotted kissing her girlfriend passionately is in a fix now as her grandparents would not budge.

Her girlfriend is a known model Cara Delevingne, and they were together in Los Angeles together, and they did not seem to hide their feelings for each other.

They were cuddling up on each other, and the picture of them kissing went viral on social media in a few hours.

Most of her family members are supportive of her relationship, but her grandparents have vowed not to accept that kind of relationship.

According to them, their religious values would not allow them to condole a lesbian relationship between Paris and her lover.

The 19-year-old Paris Jackson is devastated and furious at the same time as she broke down in tears and asked her mom to come to her aid.

Paris described her love affair as ‘love at first sight'.

She revealed that’s e was attracted to Cara from the first day that she had met her, and Cara knew how to make her comfortable.

Paris, however, wants her grandparents to accept Cara, as she would not be able to bring her home without their consent.

The 19-year-old looked like she was desperate with real tears flowing down her eyes.

Seeing all, her grandparents would still not listen to her and declared that they would not stand for such a relationship.

Cara also met with most of the family members and everyone seemed very happy to receive her into the family.

Paris is still distraught as she awaits her grandparent's approval which does not look like it would be coming anytime soon.

What do you think about Pars Jackson’s grandparent's disapproval of her relationship?

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Source: RadarOnline

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