William and Kate’s third child will get an honor no Royal baby in history has ever received

Fans of the family who are excited about the arrival youngest royal are going to be thrilled.

According to an article published by All Cute All The Time, the third child of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton will be given the status of a public figure early on.

Quite contrary to the monarchy’s traditional ways of conveying news and connecting with the people, Kensington Palace has set up an all-exclusive webpage to share every major update about the new royal.

This is the first time the royal family has set up an open channel into the personal lives of the royals.

On the webpage www.royal.uk/baby, followers of the royal family will be able to read about the latest updates about their youngest heir in line.

The webpage is quite simply titled ‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Third Baby’, and already have some featurettes about the excited parents and updates about Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The last time the Kensington Palace made a wave on social media was when they announced the birth of Princess Charlotte on their official social media profile, in addition to using the traditional print media.

There has always been a lot of buzz surrounding the children of the royal family, with media outlets trying their best to cover every milestone they cross.

The royal couple’s third child, expected to be born next month, will be the first in the family to have a dedicated official page.

Fans and well-wishers across the world have continually expressed their excitement over the arrival of the new royal.

Several netizens have been keeping themselves abreast with the latest news about the couple and the journey of the Duchess’ pregnancy.

The webpage contains all the previous tweets related to the Duchess’ pregnancy, and readers would also be happy to find a few updates about the upcoming royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.
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