Nikolas Cruz fans are sending the 'Parkland shooter' letters, sexual pics and money

Human beings have always been fascinated by what isn't considered to be normal, things out of the ordinary, such as the macabre and what lies beyond darkness.

Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, became the target of quite a lot of people due to his unspeakable actions on February 14, 2018, when he killed 17 people at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.

The 19-year-old is considered to be a menace by many, but, for a few, he is being seen as a hero or just simply misunderstood, and has received plenty of fan mail, as reported by Complex.

It seems hard to believe that someone would write a criminal a letter worshipping him and offering him support, but the reality is that it happens on a regular basis.

Cruz's public defender, Howard Finkelstein, said that he has witnessed this phenom almost every time he works with a criminal, but that he had never seen so many letters sent to just one person during his 40 years of service.

According to the source, the letters sent to Cruz contained words of support and advice, as well as very explicit and sexual photos. The great majority of the people sending the letters are teenage girls.

Finkelstein considered the fan mail sickening and perverted. Hundreds and hundreds of letters have been opened by the Broward County Jail staff, who analyses every single one of them.

As reported by Complex, they only share the letters that they consider to be appropriate, such as those sending prayers to his soul. The ones with words of support, encouragement or containing sexual material are never shown to Cruz.

The teenage girls offer themselves to be the shooter's pen pals, saying that they felt a connection with him upon seeing his photo on the news. They also send him money, and the $800 in the criminal's commissary has come mostly from his fans.

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