Great news from Carrie Underwood. She reportedly will have new family members in her life

Jan 21, 2019
06:33 A.M.
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Trolls on social media made Carrie Underwood seem to have a ‘Dirty Laundry’ over her fall from the tales they prescribed as the truth about it. Now, there’s something to bury those nightmares. There's good news and we're back with her to 2007 because it doesn’t look like its ‘Just a Dream.’


AmoMama shares with you details concerning Carrie Underwood’s family life with strongly evidenced reports that her dream pregnancy might already have materialized, according to a March 28, 2018, post by Inquisitr.


Nobody ever saw this coming: Carrie Underwood is pregnant and this time, she is expecting twins, like she’s always wanted!

Everyone knows she has a son, Isaiah, 3, with her handsome hubby, whom she celebrated 7 years with, last year.

Looks like her dreams to have at least 2 more siblings for Isaiah, have finally been granted and we’re glad!

Reports claim that the beautiful singer has been having a lot of baby talk lately, as her loved ones reportedly revealed.


If you’ve ever been through pregnancy before, you would understand why it is that Carrie has begun craving specific meals.

While it may not have been dark chocolate and veggie sandwiches from Subway for you or yours, it certainly is for Momma Underwood.

It’s certainly exciting that she is expecting twins as it is being reported, so much that she has begun planning for their nursery with fairytale details.

More than ever, the woman in Carrie is coming out as she’s planning to stock their nursery with classic children’s books.


We couldn’t forget how the new mom-to-be, 35, is likely planning to move into a bigger home and the talk of baby clothes.

Apart from wanting them to be little dreamers like her, meaning they could come up with songs for her, she’s also more finicky with her health.

Gossips reports’ are that she is taking it slow when it comes to her workout sessions with her personal trainer, something most expectant moms do.

Perhaps being a mom with a growing life in her would encourage her to share more pictures of herself again.

She halted to a near-stop after her fall that saw her end up with nearly 50 stitches to her face, a rather heartbreaking incident.

Everyone is glad now that she has something new to invest her energy in, and that she just joined many 2018 moms-to-be.

Name this year that of many celebrity babies if you like!