Parrot probably thought it was home alone. But owner had not left and secretly filmed him

A parrot shocked its owner by displaying a unique talent, which was later recorded on camera and has become the internet sensation.

A man caught on camera his parrot singing out the entire lyrics to the song Chandelier by Sia. According to All Cute All The Time, the bird started singing the song when it was alone but the owner had secretly hidden inside the house to film the parrot.

Many people have experienced singing to the best of their abilities when they are absolutely certain that no one is watching or listening to them. A similar thing happened with a pet parrot.

When it started raining while the parrot was on the deck, it found the perfect opportunity for singing out the tune of its favorite song, the source reported. Fortunately, the owner was still in the house and he had managed to roll his camera.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

The bird started singing and shocked the owner with his amazing talent. The source suggested that the parrot was not just 'stringing a few words together,' but actually singing out the entire song.

It was further reported that the parrot's talent was better than some of the people too. The bird 'sang with a fervor' that only came with the confidence that no one was watching or listening.

Thankfully, the bird's owner was listening, unknown to the bird, and was even recording the miracle as it unfolded.

There is no telling whether or not the bird would have sung the song with same passion if it was under the watch of its owner, but he would definitely be proud that he stayed back home that day and recorded his bird.

After recording the talent of his parrot, the man shared the amazing video clip with the world by putting it up on the internet. The video has so far taken the internet by storm, the source further suggested.

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