John Cena opens up about his first failed marriage as he prepares to marry Nikki Bella

As his wedding plans to WWE star Nikki Bella is ongoing, John Cena’s past marriage comes up and he speaks on how it failed.

In an interview with hit105 Stav, Abby & Matt radio show on Wednesday, the WWE superstar talked about his first marriage to Elizabeth Huberdeau. AmoMama gathered info from Daily Mail.

John Cena revealed that their three-year marriage failed because he devoted his life to professional wrestling.

The 40-year-old said that he made his in-ring career his life and it led to the collapse of his first marriage.

“I have made it (WWE) my absolute life. I don’t have a family. I tried marriage once and I realized (my) WWE marriage was the one that was going to survive.”

John tied the knot with Elizabeth in 2009 and divorced her in 2012, which was about the same year he started dating his now-fiancee.

But this time, as he still gives his lifelong devotion to this sports entertainment, he still wants to embark on a marriage the second time around. And now, it is with fellow WWE star Nikki Bella.

He proposed to the 34-year-old Total Divas star last April during WrestleMania 33 and now wedding plans are underway. While he is ready to be in a union with someone else again, he reveals that the has no plans on becoming a father.

In an interview with Stellar magazine last November, the Blockers star explained why he doesn’t want to be a father yet.

“Speak to anyone and they’ll tell you two things: it’s the greatest thing will ever happen to you, and it completely changes your life. Because you are now responsible for the well being of a being, trying to figure out life. If I can’t do that correctly, or give the amount of time needed to do that correctly, then I wouldn’t want to put somebody through that.”

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