Michelle Duggar spotted breaking her own strict rules. Will it lead to more 'desires'?

It seems that Michelle Duggar is becoming less rigid in presence of her rebellious son-in-law Jeremy Vuolo, after the two were seen hugging in a way the family forbids.

The Counting On family, The Duggar’s are famous both for having 19 children and for their conservative views on love, marriage and interpersonal relationship, including their own strict rules about body contact, as Inquisitr reported.

One of the things that are forbidden for the Duggar’s unless been married is hugging someone from the front, as most fans of the reality TV show have noticed long ago. The family only allows ‘side hugs’ and they even put a time limit on them.

But recently, the family matriarch, Michelle Duggar, 61, who strongly reinforces the observance of these particular rules, apparently broke them in front of everybody during one episode of the popular show, as the blog Keeping Up with Fundies pointed out.

The fans of Counting On were surprised when Michelle received her son-in-law Jeremy Vuolo with a long front hug, breaking one of her own rules on physical displays of affection, with one of the commenters jokingly calling the hug ‘scandalous’. 

 Vuolo, 30, is seen by many as a sort of rebel to the family standards, for some changes he has brought along since marrying Jinger in 2016. They both waited more than a year before making their first child, longer than what it usually takes for the Duggar’s.

Jinger has also been seen doing things that she wouldn’t ever be allowed as she grew up, like wearing pants and exposing her knees.

Michelle is known for her extremely conservative style of dressing, and she has been seen wearing swim skirts and leggings when spending the day with her relatives at the beach or swimming pool.

Michelle’s outdated opinions about the role women play in their marriages have been the target of many criticisms for the submissive position she believes a wife has to assume, taking pride in the way the women in her family serve their partners.

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