Chrissy Metz failed 'American Idol' audition because she didn't want to expose her past

The popular star revealed the reason she was denied participation in the popular singing reality show.

The popular star of This Is Us, Chrissy Metz, opened up that she had auditioned for 2007 American Idol but was not qualified because she refused to share her painful personal story.

According to Daily Mail, the 37-year-old star suggested that the producers of the show were 'more interested' in something other than the star's singing talent.

Metz auditioned by singing Heavy Heavy by Dreamgirls, but she was asked to share about her painful past. The actress refused to give in to the producers' pressure for an interesting backstory.

'I get it, they’re trying to make stories and they’re trying to invest the audience into these characters, and I understand the whole scope of everything,' the source quoted the star as revealing.

She further told the producers that she was not going to share her past on the camera because that was not the purpose of her coming to the show. She did not want to "make ridiculous TV."

The star further revealed in an interview, "I wanted to, you know, be respected as a singer."

After being rejected by the singing reality show, Metz found her true calling in acting when she landed a role on the fourth season of American Horror Story playing Barbara.

The actress also opened up about how she has battled with weight throughout her life. She revealed that she had written about her experience in her new memoir, This Is Me: Loving The Person You Are Today.

For many years, she never even tried to pursue a career in acting or singing. She had the desire to entertain people through art, but it took her until she played the American Horror Story before she realized what her talents truly lied.

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