Pink, 38, shares a stunning photo of herself in a pink and violet stage costume

Monica Otayza
Apr 02, 2018
05:50 A.M.
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Pink has been very happy with her life recently, sharing a photo of herself performing on stage with a smile on her face. 


It seems everything is going well for Pink, who has been sharing very happy photos of her family, and also her career. 

After nailing her rendition of the US National Anthem at the Super Bowl this year, it seems she has nowhere to go but up. 

Pink took to Instagram to share a photo of her with a huge smile on her face as she performed on stage. 

Donning a hot pink and black suit and a glittery dress, it seems the singer caught a camera taking her photo and smiled happily for the picture. 



Fans of Pink have been seeing her live in concert in different cities, with people claiming she is one of the best artists to see live. 


The singer goes to great extents just to make sure her fans have a great time, even if it means singing from high up above, with harnesses on her waist. 

Wearing glittery body suits, the singers put up a very great show for those who came out to see her, even dancing with a male dancer as they flew up in the air among many other things, as she has put it. 


"Yeah ok we did that and so many other things"

Despite being very busy with her tour, it seems she has brought her children along with her, not missing out on very important family quality time.