'Alaskan Bush People' family reportedly rushed to the hospital due to Ami's critical condition

Claudine Varela
Apr 02, 2018
04:52 P.M.
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Recent events are raising questions over the possible return of Ami's cancer.  She was reportedly spotted on a wheelchair looking thin and frail. 


The Brown family has recently raised suspicions over the possible return of matriarch Ami Brown’s cancer after she was spotted returning to UCLA Medical Center this week, the same hospital where she was treated for her lung cancer last year. 


Just a few months after fans rejoiced over the fact that Ami was cancer-free following her miraculous recovery, Radar Online has exclusively reported on March 30, 2018 that Ami indeed checked into the LA hospital, after being spotted on a wheelchair flying out of Spokane International Airport in Washington on March 15.  

Joining her were Bear and Billy who were spotted buying souvenirs, bottled water and snacks at the departure area. Ami appeared to be concealing her weakened condition by wearing purple sunglasses.


Suspicions over Ami’s cancer returning first started when she was spotted on a wheelchair earlier in March looking thin and appearing unusually quiet. It was only last December when she revealed the success of the radiation and chemotherapy treatments she underwent following news that of her scans appearing cancer free. She even told People, 

“God really does perform miracles.”


However, the latest reports seem to be telling a new story, one that may see Ami battling cancer once again. 

On Friday, Bear posted a selfie from UCLA Medical Center looking sad and worried. He then wrote the caption, 

“Time to Escape from LA!!! (again) #losangeles #freedom #uclamedicalcenter #family #bearbrown”

It wasn’t clear whether Ami and Billy will be joining him back to Washington but his being at the hospital was enough to raise more questions over the real state of Ami today.