Man helps kidnapped girl and gives her his $7,000 reward

Apr 02, 2018
08:12 P.M.
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A kidnapped girl manages to escape from her perpetrators and fortunately landed on the property of a kind farmer.


Earl Melchert found Jasmine Block alone on his farm property and helped her escape her kidnappers. Later, he even gave her $7,000 reward money that he received for helping her, according to a report from This Went Boom.

Block's perpetrators were later found to be Joshua Holby, 31, Steven Powers, 20, and Thomas Barker, 32, all of whom were arrested by the police.

The source informed that Block already knew Barker's son, and her family also knew Barker. So he approached Block at around 11 pm in Alexandria, claiming that his son wasn't behaving normally and required her help.

She then stepped into his vehicle believing she was being taken to Barker's home in Alexandria, but the man instead drove her to a home in Carlos.


There he restrained her with zip ties, used a gun to threaten her, and sexually abused her. Over the next few weeks, she was beaten, forced to conduct sexual acts, and even tortured by Barker and the two other men.

The source claimed that she was almost drowned in a bathtub twice and was made to stand on a bucket with a rope hanging around her neck. The men also moved her often from place to place so as to not get caught, and would shove her in a duffel bag in the back of their truck.


On September 5th, 2017, the kidnappers left her alone in the house to get lunch. Block saw the opportunity and managed to escape the house. She even 'partially' swam across Thompson Late to arrive at Melchert's property.

When Melchert saw the girl, he immediately recognized her from the posters that were put up all over the town. He then called the police and helped her escape.

Powers faced one count of false imprisonment, one count of criminal sexual conduct, and one count of kidnapping. Holby was charged with one count of false imprisonment and two counts of kidnapping.

Barker faced two counts of first-degree sexual misconduct, one count of false imprisonment, one count of assault with a dangerous weapon and two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.