April 03, 2018

Pierce Brosnan, 64, goes shirtless and shows off his stunning body

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While most celebrities age as normal human beings, some of them are capable of keeping that same look that made them famous.

That seems to be the case with Pierce Brosnan, who went shirtless for a beach day with his wife, but everybody is looking at his body.

According to Daily Mail, 64-year-old Pierce Brosnan and 54-year-old Keely Shaye Smith, looked happier than ever when they recently spent the day taking sun in Hawaii.

The same outlet explained that the 'silver fox' went shirtless for the excursion while his wife was enjoying the water.

While the former James Bond hero showed off his chest, Smith chose a a navy blue swimsuit for her beach day.



After swimming for a while in a pair of red-and-white patterned swim trunks, the actor wrapped up in a long blue towel.

The veteran celebrity chose to stay warm underneath a palm tree with a grey fleece vest while he was snacking on some fruit.


A little bit earlier, the British actor was seen wearing a pair of white shorts with a thick navy blue band across his thighs.

He wore a long-sleeved white shirt with the word Hanalei written in cursive and kept a pair of trainers on his feet as he cruised the beach like a boss.

His wife was never too far behind him, as she followed him into the water, as she wore a navy blue swimsuit with ruffled detailing along the neckline.

James Bond's wife chose to tie back her long brunette hair into a chic top bun, and she also wore a pair of sunglasses around her neck.

The two-time Golden Globe nominee first met his wife on a Mexican beach in 1994. The couple finally married in 2001.