Channing Tatum's tribute to his wife moves some fans to tears after unexpected split news

Apr 03, 2018
08:17 A.M.
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One of the most popular celebrity couples recently announced their split and fans have been going crazy over it.  


They went as far as scrolling through old, touching posts of the couple expressing their love for each other. Perhaps it’s the fans’ way of mourning the end of the marriage.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum’s relationship have been adored by the public for so long. Ever since they announced their separation, the fans took it upon themselves to find ways on how to cope with what felt like such a loss for them.

Pop Culture shared the loving birthday greeting Tatum made for Dewan on Instagram after it recently became viral once again all because of the couple’s fans.

The post was uploaded on December 4, 2017, just a day after Dewan Tatum’s birthday. Tatum shared a black-and-white portrait of his wife together with a touching birthday message.


Tatum began by praising Dewan Tatum, saying she is ‘one more year beautiful.’

‘The transformation she invoked this year has been something they only write about in books of fairytale and magic. Your strength and grace ever evolving. By doing so you make everything around you grow- everything. And I am so very grateful for your lessons. Happy life day my love,’ he continued.

The fans recently returned to the old post to comment how sad they were that the photo was only posted a couple of months ago and now, things have gone downhill for the pair.

Some of the couple’s followers have wondered what the reason was for the sudden split. Another suggested that the reason for the separation doesn’t matter and is nobody else’s business but Tatum’s and Dewan Tatum’s.


The same fan went on to say that fans should just support the two for whatever decisions they make either now or in the future.

On April 2, 2018, the couple officially announced their separation through a joint statement, which they both shared on social media.

They began by saying that they owe it to the public to share their current status since they are public figures.

Also, they wished to avoid speculations and wanted their fans to know from themselves and not from anywhere else.


The couple went on to reveal that they have made the decision to separate as a couple. Although they clarified that they still love one another and will remain a family, as well as dedicated parents to their child.

The ended the statement by saying they will no longer comment on the subject and they thanked everyone in advance for respecting their privacy.

Pop Sugar share that a few people took it really hard when they found out about the couple’s split, but there were also a couple of women who were glad that Tatum is back on the market.