Carrie Underwood at the age of 15 already had an incredibly beautiful and strong voice

Apr 03, 2018
08:04 P.M.
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Long before she became singing sensation she is today, Underwood had surprised everyone with her talent at a small high school event.


Carrie Underwood is one of the most famous American Idol winners with over 16.2 million records sold worldwide. But recently a video emerged on the internet, which shows the singing sensation in her teenage years way before she hit the stardom.

According to Shared, the video shows Underwood as a 15-year-old high school student, rocking the stage while performing at the 1998 Miss Westark pageant.

What's more special than the video itself is the special prediction that the host of the show makes about Underwood's future success. It's safe to say that the host was spot on with his assessment of the star's talent

The video opens with the host calling Underwood upon the stage. 15-year-old Underwood then steps up and starts singing in the same beautiful and melodious voice that everyone recognizes her from these days.


After finishing the song, she gets the big applause from the audience before leaving the stage. However, the host is exceptionally impressed by her talent so he calls her back on the stage for further appreciation.

He re-introduces Underwood to the audience and asks them to, "Remember the name," as it can be seen in the video. The host then goes on to say that he expects big things to come from her in the future.

Needless to say, only seven years down the road, Underwood did make it big for herself by becoming an American Idol winner. And that was only the beginning.

Today, she is a musical icon and, especially, a legend of country music. With multiple hit studio albums and worldwide record-breaking sales, the host's prediction did come true in amazing ways.

Along with popularity among music fans, Underwood has also bagged 7 Grammy Awards, making her one of the biggest musical stars of America.