John Goodman reveals just how bad his drinking problem was and who helped him

Apr 04, 2018
06:16 A.M.
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Every child wished he was around for them and he became America’s favorite father.


Throw Backs reported that John Goodman struggled with some serious issues in real life but found support in his Roseanne costars.

Goodman’s portrayal of Dan Conner made him a household name in the country. His popularity skyrocketed but he found himself struggling with alcoholism.

He has been open about his struggles and even expressed his gratitude to his costars in helping him come out on the other side.

Roseanne Barr, who is known for her honesty, is not afraid to extend a helping hand whenever her friends needed it.

She was the one who confronted him when she saw that he clearly needed help.


Like so many others, Goodman did not realize the intensity of the problem he was in until his friends made him understand what he was doing was “hard to watch.”


The actor opened up about how his TV wife stepped in while filming the original run of Roseanne. He said, “She was scared for me, but she was more confrontational. She’d already had a husband go through the process.”

Barr could relate to Goodman because her husband, actor Tom Arnold, had also struggled with alcoholism and she knew what had to be done.

Barr seems modest to take all the credit for Goodman’s recovery. She explained that the two have always been there for each other and “have a friendship off the show, too.” 

She added that Goodman has supported her when she would drink way too much. She joked that unlike, Goodman, she has not given it up yet.


The last four years of the show were becoming increasingly difficult for Goodman who said he was drinking at work and Barr was scared for him. Though he was ashamed of himself, he could not do much.


He confessed that it was not even a preference of taste and he would just drink “anything that was wet and of a certain proof.”

His TV wife helped him realize that his behavior wasn’t acceptable. He has worked hard to stay sober ever since.

Barr was protective of the entire cast when they were filming the show. She revealed that her TV daughters had some issues and she was there for them too.

She called Sara Gilbert and Lecy Goranson’s parents when she found out that there was trouble.