HGTV show, beloved by millions of Americans, ends

Apr 04, 2018
10:03 P.M.
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This show was a complete success for HGTV, and while it is a tragic loss for the network to lose it, it is also a big opportunity to rebrand and rise again.


In 2012, Lindsey Weidhorn was working in programming at HGTV, creating a potential series about a married couple remodeling their home in Texas.

While she was reviewing the pilot her team had shot with them, she thought that the husband’s on-camera presence was lacking. “I thought, does this guy even talk?” Ms. Weidhorn said.

This "quiet" guy was Chip Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, but now, he and the show now have millions of fans, who wouldn't really consider him as quiet.

According to The New York Times, after five seasons, “Fixer Upper” has ended with the final new episode airing on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.


Ms. Weidhorn explained that the show ended up showing the couple's life. “Chip makes a bad joke, Joanna rolls her eyes, Chip laughs about how bad his joke is. I like their relationship. We want to be able to tell their story, not just the story of a house," she said.

It became an instant success, which made the Gaineses full-on celebrities with an empire that includes several successful business models.

A Waco shopping complex, vacation rentals, restaurants, paint and décor lines, a Target home collection, and a quarterly magazine are just part of their legacy.

For HGTV, the fact that they're now leaving is a major hit to the network, but they're figuring out a way to exploit the format.


They came up with this formula in order to fill the blank space the couple will leave behind, as they'll make shows about charismatic twosomes from underexplored parts of the country.

Chief lifestyle brands officer for Discovery Inc., which owns HGTV, explained that their viewers are duos themselves, and the formula keeps working.

“What we hear is, ‘My husband and I sit on the couch together and watch,’” she explained.

HGTV is applying the golden formula vigorously, as nineteen of its current series are toplined by duos, with more of the same format on the way.