Dad asks the little girl, 'Where’s your brother?' She starts squealing with excitement!

Apr 04, 2018
11:25 P.M.
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Not all siblings fight like cats and dogs. Some are actually really close, much like the brother and sister in this viral video.


Whenever a new baby arrives in the family, the older siblings tend to feel competitive or jealous. It is a tough spot for a lot of parents.

There are some fortunate ones though who don’t have to deal with such stress because their children truly and passionately care for each other from the very beginning.

Uplifting Today shared a viral video of a baby girl waiting for her older brother to arrive from school. It was clear in the clip that she was very eager to see her brother.

Just then, her brother’s yellow school bus pulled up and the baby girl’s face suddenly was filled with glee. She wasn’t able to contain her excitement as she sat in the back of her father’s pickup truck.


The moment the father saw the bus arriving, he asked his daughter, “Where’s your brother? Where is he?”

The little girl started to look around for her brother almost immediately. Just when she finally laid her eyes on her older sibling, her reaction was so precious it was just adorable to watch.


She began to screech and squeal as she was overwhelmed with excitement upon seeing her brother.

The little girl started skipping and bouncing all over her father’s truck while her brother was on his way towards them.

The father can be heard laughing in the background, probably finding his daughter’s reaction towards seeing her brother so adorable.

It was clear that she really missed her brother even though it had only been a few hours since they last saw each other. The bond of a brother and sister, or generally all siblings for that matter, is definitely one of a kind. The love for family is just unconditional.