Man received weird gift from friend, uses it to crack nuts. 25 years later, police come for him

Apr 05, 2018
04:34 A.M.

It was a gift from a friend and he found a use for it.


Inspired reported that a man, who received a strange gift from a friend, learned what it truly was 25 years later.

Years ago, a man in China received a gift from a friend. Though he did not know what it was, he found that it made a great tool for cracking open walnuts.

More than two decades later, he learned what the tool really was when he received a leaflet from police. He was shocked and knew he was lucky to have survived.

A villager from Ankang, Shaanxi Province, China, received a leaflet from the local police in December 2016. It was information regarding explosives.

The man realized that the image in the document resembled the nut-cracking device he had been using for the last 25 years.

It turned out that the tool was actually a hand grenade.


Villagers said that the man was given the hand grenade by a friend. Completely unaware of its original purpose, the man had been using it at his home ever since.

Fortunately for the man, the object had not detonated but the police were unsure if it still contained explosives.

Grenades explode only after the pin is pulled out, the safety lever released, and the grenade thrown. When the primer is triggered by the rotating grenade, it triggers a delayed explosion.

Many citizens commented on Weibo after the news spread like wildfire. Weibo is the Facebook equivalent in China, as the social networking website is banned in the country.

People commented that the villager had been lucky to have escaped death. Another user saw some humor in the situation and said that the tool was ‘more stable than a Samsung phone.’

One user quipped, ‘He persisted to snack on walnuts for 25 years?’ while another wondered why would a friend gift him a bomb.

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