Policeman searched a single mom's old car. He suddenly realized that the poor woman needs help

Apr 05, 2018
11:20 P.M.
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The woman was arrested after a routine traffic check-up. The police discovered the truth about her and eventually offered his help.


Ebony Rhodes was pulled over for a traffic stop. At that moment, she knew she was in trouble. Atlanta Deputy Police Chief Jeff Glazier asked for Rhodes’ license and registration and was disappointed when he found out they were both expired.

On top of that, Rhodes also did not have an insurance.

Glazier had to do the right thing and arrest Rhodes, as well as impound her car.

As Glazier took the poor woman to the police station, he received a call from one of his officers who was searching Rhodes’ car at the time.


The police officer noticed that the back of her car contained tons of personal belongings.

Later on, Rhodes revealed the truth. She and her four children have been homeless for six months and they have been living out of a 20-year-old Buick Regal.

As revealed by Share Tap, Rhodes is a single mother who is working at Walmart to make ends meet. Despite having another part-time job, the money she was making just wasn’t enough for her to afford a place for her family to live.

To make matters worse, Rhodes also had been suffering from a chronic blood disorder, which sometimes makes her miss a couple days of work.


Upon learning about Rhodes’ tragic fate, Glazier felt the need to do something for her. He quickly talked to his wife and declared that they had to do something.

Soon enough, after Rhodes got out of prison, Glazier told her that he had found a shelter for her and her children to stay in. It was only a temporary fix but Rhodes was still grateful.

After some time, Glazier also found an apartment for them to stay in. He became good friends with Rhodes and to all of her children.

Lastly, he and his wife made a GoFundMe page to ensure that Rhodes’ family will never have to be homeless again.