Justin Bieber shows off his shirtless body and it wasn't clear skin but dozens of tattoos

Apr 06, 2018
01:36 A.M.
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The 24-year-old famous singer showed off his inks in an Instagram post.


Justin Bieber said he is proud of each of his tattoos. He recently flaunted the inks on his chest and arms for his fans to see on social media.

He went on to share on the caption of his Instagram post that over a hundred hours were spent working on his tattoos made by different artists.

Bieber also bragged about how he can completely take the pain of the needle.

Hollywood Life shared that the singer thinks of putting ink on the body as something that is tons of fun.


Bieber said that he doesn’t regret any tattoo on his body and he wouldn’t take back any singer one of them.

He shared how much he loves art and he considers his body as his canvas.

Previously, Bieber only had several tattoos on his arms but they later turned out to have become sleeves by the ends of 2017.

He also began putting ink on his chest. Now it is fully covered that you can’t even tell if Bieber has six-pack abs or not.

Bieber takes tattoos very seriously. In fact, one of the artists who did a piece on his chest expressed how amazed he is of the singer.


Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy is a New York City-based tattoo artist. He flew from the East coast towards Los Angeles in October 2017 just to put some ink on Bieber’s chest.


He spent three days working on his chest piece and he said that he couldn’t believe that Bieber was able to tolerate the pain for that long.

McCurdy shared a photo of Bieber in his home on October 21, 2018, on Instagram.

He thanked Bieber for choosing him to do his chest piece, as well as trusting him. He shared that the tattoo session lasted for 26 hours over three straight days.

McCurdy revealed that was the longest time he has every tattooed anyone in his 13 years of experience.