Heartbroken dad screams in court when he hears sentencing for his ex who murdered their toddler

Apr 06, 2018
06:11 A.M.
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The man was not able to hide his emotions when he laid eyes on the suspects who ended his young daughter’s life.

Mickhal Garrett could not stop his tears from falling when his daughter’s suspected murderers stepped inside the courtroom on March 13, 2018.

The Epoch Times shared that Sierra Day, 23, and Deonte Lewis, 26, were both charged with aggravated murder in connection with the passing of a four-year-old named Aniya Day-Garrett.

Day is the young girl’s mother and Lewis is Day’s current boyfriend. They were the ones looking after the child when she passed away on March 11, 2018.


The couple is being held on a $1-million bond.


As the pair walked into the courtroom, Garrett began to yell, "You killed my daughter! You hurt my baby!”

According to the medical records given by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office, Day-Garrett suffered a stroke.

Her death was suspected to have been caused by extremely blunt impacts to the head along with a subdural hematoma.

The little girl was declared to be dead by the time her body arrived at the Euclid Hospital.


Upon examining the body, the hospital claimed that the death of the four-year-old is a suspected homicide.

The police also suggested that she showed signs of malnourishment.

Garrett and the rest of his family claimed that they had suspected Day and Lewis for physically abusing the child over the past months.

They have seen multiple bruises on the girl’s body when she was still alive, including rug burns and black eyes.


Garrett had made several complaints to the Cuyahoga Children and Family Services.

"This beautiful 4-year-old daughter's life was cut down, senselessly," said Rachel Garrett, the little girl’s grandmother.

She went on to say that the suspects are “heartless.”

The Cuyahoga Children and Family Services had previously investigated the child’s case after the Garrett family filed their complaint, but they did not find enough evidence to get the child out of her mother’s custody.