When Janine returns home from a horrible day, she doesn't expect to find a furry surprise

Apr 09, 2018
03:25 A.M.
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Although she wasn't having the best day possible, her boyfriend had plans to make her feel a little bit better.


It's impossible to be happy all the time, and when life gets in the way, it's hard to keep up a good mental state through the whole day.

According to All Cute All The Time, Janine was having a horrible day at work and  she wanted nothing more than to collapse into her bed and sleep it off.

Her boyfriend, though, explained to her over a text on her way home that they had a friend over, and the day became even worse.

Although the traffic on the way home had made the day even worse, she was shocked when she realized that the friend was a puppy.


According to Rumble, Her boyfriend decided that it was now or never, as Janie had always wanted a dog, but for some reason they were unable to get one.

Her boyfriend was filming as he waited patiently by the door for Janine to open it and see what’s behind it. “Do we have a friend?” she asked.

As she glanced around curiously, her eyes were drawn to 'a little bouncing bundle of fur' that was running around the living room floor. She immediately asked: "Oh my god, what is that?" not even believing it.

“That’s your new friend,” her boyfriend explained to her. She immediately started asking repeatedly if he was serious, if he meant it. “Are you serious? You’re not just borrowing it from a friend?” she kept asking.


After being reassured that this wasn't a joke, tears started falling from her eyes as she sat on the floor, looking at the tiny little puppy.

She’d always wanted a puppy, and her boyfriend knew it, but life had somehow always ended up in the way and prevented it from happening.

But things change and life moves forward, which now means that yes, Janine can enjoy the puppy she always wanted.