Queen Elizabeth wrote a short message to Philip after surgery. They really love each other

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 09, 2018
04:51 A.M.
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Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have been together for 70 years. Their relationship has thrived because of their genuine love and support for each other.


Philip recently had hip replacement surgery and has been in the hospital to recover according to The Royal UK. The Queen went out of her way to write him a note of support as he heals.

Many people know that Prince Philip has always supported Her Majesty and has been her backbone all through these years. But the support has always gone both ways.

The Queen has also supported Prince Philip on many occasions. For instance, she showed her support to him when he wanted his family name to be given to his descendants.


Or when he had to leave his culture and past behind to settle in the British Royal Family. They’ve both been through a lot in the past years.

They’ve managed to face together and pass each obstacle. Now that Prince Philip is in a weak condition, the Queen has taken a step forward to support her husband again.

‘My dear husband, we have been through a lot together. We can handle this too.’

Queen Elizabeth, The Royal UK, April 6, 2018

She wrote a short message to Prince Philip as he lay in hospital. In the note, she shared with him that she knew that he was a very strong man.


‘Not only mentally, but physically too. You will get this through with,’ the note read. The Queen also declared that she was right beside him to give him support.


The note ended with her wishing him a speedy recovery. Her words have already had the desired effect as according to recent reports; Prince Philip was feeling a lot better now.

He’s also recovering quite fast.