A man wakes up hungover with a black eye and finds a strange note from his wife

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 10, 2018
06:30 A.M.
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A man named Jack went binge drinking with his friends one night. He got home in the early morning and made a huge racket.


The next day he woke up with a massive hangover and noticed that he also had a black eye according to Happiest. He expected the worst when he noticed a note left by his wife but her words would have him in tears.

Jack woke up with a splitting headache and only a vague recollection of things that happened the night before. The married man woke up with the worst hangover of his life after a heavy night out with his friends.

It was so bad that he had no idea how he had managed to get home from the party. All he could do was hope that he hadn’t done anything he would regret from the night before.


He walked to the bathroom to get some aspirin and a glass of water. But when he looked in the mirror he noticed that he had a very sore and very large black eye.

Jack went back into his bedroom and noticed that his clothes were neatly folded and pressed next to the bed. He then noticed something he hadn’t picked up on before; there was a note left on his bedside table and his heart sank.

With a feeling of dread, Jack opened the letter which was written in red with little hearts on it and a kiss mark from his wife’s lipstick. ‘Dear husband, last night you came home drunk and made a huge racket,’ the note began.

But it took a turn for the best as his wife, Jillian, told him not to worry as breakfast was on the stove. She went on to explain that she had left early to get groceries to make his favorite dinner that night.


She ended the sweet note by telling him that she loved him. He stumbled downstairs to the kitchen to find a hot breakfast, freshly brewed coffee and the morning paper waiting for him.

‘Dear husband, last night you came home drunk and made a huge racket. But don’t worry!’

Jillian, Happiest, March 20, 2018

His son, who was sitting at the table, looked up at him and then carried on eating. Jack asked the boy what had happened the night before.

The boy told him that he’d gotten home after three in the morning, drunk out of his mind. According to the boy, Jack fell over the coffee table and broke it, and then he threw up in the hallway and got the black eye when he ran into the door.

Jack was quite confused and asked the boy why his mother was in such a good mood then; even making him breakfast. His son replied, “Oh that! Well, when mom dragged you to the bedroom and tried to take your pants off, you screamed ‘Leave me alone, I’m married! I’m married!”

Jack was unbelievably relieved that he actually started crying.