Woman finds note from 'chinese prisoner' in a Walmart purse

Apr 09, 2018
10:31 A.M.
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It was just another day at Walmart for an Arizona-based woman until she found a shocking handwritten note from a Chinese prisoner.


Christel Wallace from Arizona shopped a new purse from a Walmart store but was shocked to find a handwritten note, written in Chinese, on the inside of her new purse.

According to Liftable, when she finally tracked down a translator to understand the message in the note, she was left horrified.

After the translator's effort, Wallace realized that the letter was some sort of plea for help written by a Chinese worker from inside a prison. In the note, the inmate further described the devastating working conditions of a prison in Guangxi, China.


The note talks about how the inmates are made to work for 14 hours straight and are beaten if they fail to meet their daily work target.

The workers are only paid 2000 yuan and their meals are served without any oil and salt. When the inmates get sick or are in need of medicines or other treatment, the expenses are cut off from their salary.

Wallace's discovery has prompted Walmart representatives to investigate the authenticity of the handwritten note.

Heartbroken about the treatment of prisoners inside the Chinese prison, Wallace found no other way of extending a helping hand than by spreading awareness and sharing the sad story with others.


She took to social media to share her discovery and revealed how she was trying to do her bit in helping the overworked Chinese prisoners.

Wallace and her daughter-in-law, Laura, want to help them in any way possible. They are encouraging people to ask questions regarding where the products that they are buying really comes from.

“You go into a store, buy it, use it. You don’t take a second thought about how it was created, who created it,” the source quoted Laura as lamenting.