Stunning collection of the most epic hairstyles from the 80's

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 09, 2018
05:36 P.M.
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If there's one thing that eighties are known for, it's boisterous fashion and big hair. From mullets to poodle perms to crimped styles, the 80's had it all. 


Who could forget Michelle Pfeiffer's classic hairdo in Grease 2, Cindy Lauper's red lion mane, Bon Jovi's poodle perm or Rob Lowe's mullet?

As reported by Wimp, the eighties hairstyles are making a coming comeback. It wouldn't hurt to brush up on styles and tips from bygone eras. 

The fifties were known for its pompadour styles and the sixties for bouffant, the seventies was reminiscent of disco's and party while the eighties were all about big hairstyles. 


While several fashion houses have put the idea of big hair out there again but most millennials still don't want to budge.

But there might still be hope because the next group of youngsters, Generation Z, are in their teenage years now and anything is possible. 

One just has to look at the Hollywood and the popular films of that era for inspiration. Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her sleek look today, but she sported a mop of curls in the eighties. 

Madonna, the ultimate eighties poster girl, sporter short, bleached styles and Bon Jovi rocked a poodle perm. He had it easy; his mother was a hairdresser. 


As reported by Business Insider, Amy Phoeler has gorgeous wavy hair today. She was in high school during the eighties and sported a blow-out style to be envious of. 

Even dapper and sensible George Clooney had a head full brown curls, very suspiciously shaped like a mullet, but not quite. 

Silverscreen sweetheart Julia Roberts gave new meaning to the term 'big hair,' as can be seen in films such Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias, and Satisfaction

Nicole Kidman sported a tightly-coiled perm, while both John Stamos and Cher loved their mullets. Michelle Pfeiffer boosted sales of hairspray with her look in Married to the Mob.