Twin brothers' wives have babies on the same day. Yes, you read correctly

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 09, 2018
08:36 P.M.
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These twin brothers have double the reason to celebrate.


The twins Joshua and Justin Thorington, of Traverse City, Michigan, welcomed their babies into the world on the same day at the same hospital, as reported by People.

The 33-year-old twins, who have always shared a special bond, weren’t at all surprised when their wives gave birth on the same day.

Joshua’s wife, Denise, and Justin’s wife, Alex, happened to be pregnant at the same time but had different due dates.

Joshua told People that they had joked about the possibility of giving birth on the same day.


“We kind of joked about it the whole pregnancy, ‘Like, oh, it could happen on the same day! What if it happened?’” he said.

According to Joshua, they’re not that surprised that it actually happened.

“We’ve always been pretty in sync, so to me, it wasn’t surprising. I think our friends aren’t even surprised that it happened," he explained.


On March 27, 2018, Joshua and Denise, welcomed their newborn son, Jack Andrew, at 4:18 am. Later that night, Justin and Alex, welcomed their daughter, Lucy Elise.

Joshua said "it was awesome" when he and his twin brother realized that they had become parents at the same time.

He continued that at the time his wife was in the delivery room, he didn't know that Justin’s wife was also in the same situation just a few doors down.


After Denise recovered from giving birth, she gave Alex a piece of advice based on her own experience.

Now, Joshua said that he hopes Jack and Lucy will be just as close as he and Justin are, according to People.

Joshua and Justin were always best friends. Their mother said that they even had their own language even before they could talk.

They never wanted to be away from each other, Joshua said.