Mom overwhelmed by man’s act of kindness for wheelchair-bound daughter

Apr 10, 2018
11:21 A.M.
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A mother’s faith in humanity was restored after a man’s act of kindness.


Love What Matters reported that Jessica Everett Byrd a resident of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, witnessed kindness of a stranger for her wheelchair-bound daughter.

Her daughter, Eliza, was a miracle child born with Spina Bifida and confined to a wheelchair. 

At the doctor’s appointment, the parents learned that Eliza would never walk, never have control of her bladder, or bowels, and have clubbed feet. They even suggested terminating Jessica’s pregnancy, but the parents wanted to bring the child into the world.

The three-year-old girl is smart, funny, and an absolute joy to her parents. 


Jessica confessed that the parents have their ‘down days where disability woes’ get the better of them. But the little one always touches hearts and restores faith.

The mother shared an incident when she took her daughter to an Easter egg hunt. When they entered into the area for special needs children, the parents were shocked to see that it was crowded.


When it was time to get the eggs, the children started running and clearing the area of eggs. By the time the girl’s father, James, could pick up eggs there were only a few left. 

There was only one child who paused as she approached a lone egg. She looked at Eliza and then down at the egg and decided to get another one.

The parents left the scene feeling a little defeated. They only spoke about how human greed could make things difficult for the children with special needs.

The parents realized that Eliza will not be the first and that she is going to get trampled over sometimes. Some would also make good choices for her.


The following day, the family decided to go to the zoo after an amazing worship service. The lady at the gate said there were two more golden eggs left to be found when they got to the zoo.

The zoo had hidden golden eggs for patrons to find and turn in for special prizes on the occasion of Easter.

After some time, there was an announcement that said there was only one more golden egg to be found.


Jessica did not really pay attention to it and was busy taking pictures of Eliza having a blast at the splash pad. 

Then, a youngster walked up to them with his friends and had something in his hand. He said, “I found this egg and if you turn it in they will give you a prize. I wanted to give it to your daughter if that’s ok.”

Jessica could only wonder at the way the events presented themselves. She thanked the boy and asked him if she could take a picture. He squatted down next to Eliza and gave her the egg.

The mother then shared the photo on Facebook with a message that read, ‘My faith in humanity (and in particular the younger generation) was restored with this cheap, plastic egg and the heart of this young man.’

The young man was later located and his name is Cody Reed. The zoo decided to give Reed an annual pass for visits. He expressed that he wanted to take Eliza with him on one of those visits.