3 fruit-infused water recipes that can help you burn fat, improve sleep and eliminate pain

Apr 10, 2018
11:31 P.M.
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These three-infused water recipes are very beneficial to people who seek to burn fat, improve their sleep, as well as eliminate pain.


Dr. Simone Burke, a Naturopathic Doctor, came up with three concoctions that will help people get their water intake up and at the same time, give them some extra nutrients.

The Hearty Soul explained that the human body is made up of 60% water. It is essential for a person to keep drinking throughout the day to supplement the water we have lost.

We need water for most of our bodily functions.

There are three recipes that everyone can enjoy while staying healthy:


Pineapple and Fennel Digestive Teaser

Pineapples have bromelain. It is an enzyme and an anti-inflammatory. It helps the body heal faster and reduces aches and pains. Fennel, on the other hand, is effective in taming the digestive system.

For the ingredients, you will need eight cups of hot water, a half cup of pineapple chunks, and a teaspoon of fennel seeds.

Put the pineapple chunks in a clean container and add the eight cups of hot water. Wait for it too cool then add the fennel seeds.

Leave the mixture to soak overnight. You have the choice to strain the seeds or chew on them.


Vitamin C Packed Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint Water

This drink is jam-packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Cucumber is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Plus, it has caffeic acid on its flesh. It reduces inflammation.

Lemon has flavonoids and lemonin. It makes the cells stronger and aids with detoxification.

As for mint, it has an antioxidant, a phytonutrient called monoterpene.

Add eight glasses of water in a container. Cut a half of the cucumber into slices. Add two sliced lemons and a sprig of mint leaves. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator for the whole night.

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Improve Sleep with Cherry, Cinnamon and Lemon Water

Melatonin is found in cherries, which helps humans to sleep healthy. Cherries are also high in anthocyanins. They protect the heart and are also anti-inflammatory.

Cinnamon helps regulate the blood sugar.

Lemons bring vitamin C into the mix. It will make the concoction high in antioxidants.

Add a half cup of pitted cherries in a warm glass of water. Add two slices of lemon and a pinch of cinnamon. Let the ingredients soak. Before going to bed, drink the mixture to make you have a good and restful sleep.