George Clooney's wife Amal gets candid about nursing twins and revealed their first words

Apr 10, 2018
11:39 P.M.
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She shared the George wanted one particular word to be the first one the babies say.


According to an article published by Vogue, new mother Amal Clooney opened up about her experience of motherhood and the twins’ first words. Amal’s was interviewed for the upcoming issue of the magazine.

When asked about whether the twins Alexander and Ella had learned to mumble their first words, Amal shared that they were now able to say ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada.’

Amal added that her husband, Hollywood star George Clooney, saw to it that the children learned to say ‘Mama’ before learning to say ‘Papa.’

Amal, who is a renowned lawyer of human rights, gave birth to the twins in June 2017 and spoke about her schedule as a mother of two.


She revealed that the family spent the morning time together. She shared that the twins would spend some cuddle-time with her and George in bed for a few hours.

The working mother added that she does not let work get in the way of her family time, and as a practice, keeps her schedule empty until 8 am.

Amal also opened up about the challenging task of breastfeeding. She confessed that it was difficult initially, given that there were two children to breastfeed.

To ease the nursing process, Amal had to try using pillows, cushions and even machines.

Another question that was popped to her was about the looks of her children. Amal proudly answered that Alexander looked a lot like his father, although George has been hesitant to state the fact.


As for little Ella, Amal stated that she resembled her. George has also spoken about the uncanny resemblance between Amal and Ella, highlighting that both had big and beautiful eyes.

Over a year after the birth of the twins, the parents have resumed their work. Amal revealed that she continues to teach at Columbia University, and managed to catch some alone-time with her equally busy husband in New York City.

The duo still goes out on romantic dinner dates and outings, and Amal shared that they also enjoyed spending time at home to keep away from the paparazzi.