There are a minimum of 8 things William and Kate will need to do when their third baby is born

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 11, 2018
08:27 A.M.
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Unlike normal families, Prince William and Duchess Kate will have to follow strict rules when their third child is born. They can’t just announce everything on social media.


According to Liftable, one of the rules that they need to adhere to is to make sure the Queen is told of the birth before anyone else. Fans will just need to wait their turn.

The Royal Family has certain rules, traditions, and etiquettes that they follow when a child is born. Eight such rules have been explained below:

1. The first and the most important step would be to let the Queen know as soon as the baby is born. No one else must know before her.


2. After that, the public announcement will be made. The announcement won’t be done through social media but through a town crier named Tony Appleton.

3. When that is sorted, then the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge will make an announcement on Twitter. This will, however, follow a formal notice that would be displayed in front of Buckingham Palace.

4. The fourth thing that will happen is a 62-gun salute at the Tower of London.


5. Next up is the public appearance by Kate just a few hours after giving birth. She did this for both Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s births but things will be slightly different because she’s opted for a home birth.

6. Number six is something that many are placing bets on, the third baby’s name. The parents will announce the name of the child after a few days.

William and Kate had waited two days to introduce both their children.

7. An important ceremony is next. The head of the Church of England will christen the baby and this generally occurs away from the public eye.

The private family event takes place a few weeks after the birth.

8. Lastly, the Royal baby will be christened in a gown that seven others have been christened in before.