Mom spends 52 days in hospital before delivery. Then three boys and one girl were delivered

Manuela Cardiga
Apr 11, 2018
01:46 P.M.
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A family decides to have another baby and ends up welcoming four more.


A Nebraska couple decided to grow their family, but things didn't exactly go according to their initial plan. Shalee and Andy McCarter already had Elle but wanted to give their 10-year-old daughter a brother or a sister.

In order to conceive, Shalee and Andy resorted to a fertility treatment and learned they were pregnant when they were already 6 weeks into their gestation, reported on the 6th of April 2018.

Their Doctors in Kearney, Nebraska, at first thought Shalee was carrying triplets. The big surprise came when she did her 18-week checkup when the ultrasound revealed that Shalee was carrying quadruplets.


Because the Doctors evaluated the pregnancy as high risk, Shalee was admitted to the Nebraska Medical Center and spent nearly two months there being monitored, before giving birth.


“All of a sudden, there was Blakelee! It was a big shock to learn that there were four of them.”

Shalee McCarter, Shared.com6th of April 2018.

The quads were born at 34 weeks, 52 days after Shalee was admitted to hospital. The doctors performed a cesarean section to guarantee the health of mother and children.

The delivery of the premature quadruplets was carried out by a full medical team of no less than 18 staff members. This consisted of doctors and nurses, respiratory therapists, phlebotomists, clerks, residents, and neonatologists and was led by Dr. Ann Anderson-Berry of the Nebraska Medical Center.


The Medical Centre's neonatal intensive care unit was prepped and placed on full alert, and on the 23rd of February 2018, the McCarter quads, three boys, and one girl were born in Omaha. They were the first quads delivered at the Nebraska Medical Center in a decade.

The new arrivals are Jack Andrew, Emmett Axel, Blakelee Kay and Beau Ryan. Before being discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit and allowed to go home, doctors had to make sure all four were feeding well, gaining weight, maintaining body temperature, and that their vital signs were consistently steady.

After spending nearly a month in the intensive care unit, the quads are at home with their proud mom, dad and doting big sister Elle, and Dr. Ann Anderson-Berry has declared that their health is excellent.