Chris Hemsworth shares a photo of his stunning mother. She looks so youthful at her age

Apr 12, 2018
02:56 A.M.
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Chris Hemsworth surprises fans with a youthful picture of his mother and father proving he has good genes.


AmoMama shares with you the interesting news of Chris Hemsworth’s mother and father as seen in recent pictures he shared. Reported by Daily Mail on April 10, 2018.


Behind every successful person are hardworking parents who did their best to support such person. That is the case for superhero Chris Hemsworth but this time his hardworking parents look years younger than their normal ages.

The proud son showed off the good genes that run in his family as he shared an adorable picture of his family at the Commonwealth Games on Instagram.

In the picture, Chris was seen with his youthful parents Leonine and Craig Hemsworth and friend Al Emery founder of Emery Surfboards as they all enjoyed the games.

The actor captioned the photo:


‘Commonwealth games with Mum and dad and @emerysurfboards #gc2018 yeoooooow!!’


The picture created so much buzz in the little time it was posted as fans were stunned at how youthful Chris’parents looked.

The post which garnered over 900,000 likes had several comments from fans gushing about how young his parents looked, especially his mother.

A fan @parrygirl73 commented:

‘Your mum is Gorg!!! Tell her from all of us so much younger than her that we are sooo jealous!!

A fan went as far as comparing his Mum to his sister writing:

‘Wow! Your mum looks more like your sister! Good genes’


Another fan pointed out how lucky Chris’ kids are for partaking in such a good gene pool.

The fan @coco_sonrisa wrote:

‘Look how cute your parents are. No wonder all your kids are good looking’

Chris’ mom wasn’t the only one getting all the attention as female fans of the star extended their greetings to his dad also.

Chris enjoyed the game in a casual plain white T-shirt and jeans with an Emery Surfboard black cap on.

Elsa and the kids weren’t with Chris at the games as it seemed they were enjoying themselves somewhere else.


Chris and Elsa wed in 2010 and they have three gorgeous kids together.