O.J. Simpson's daughter tragically drowned at the age of two. What happened to the other 2 kids?

Apr 12, 2018
04:23 A.M.
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While he is known for many other things in his life, few know of the tragedy he faced in his family in his own home. 


In August 1979 O.J. Simpson's family was struck by tragedy when 1-year-old Aaren Simpson drowned in the pool in the backyard of the family home.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, the tot was just a month shy of her second birthday when she slipped into an irreversible coma before passing away at the hospital. 

Aaren Simpson was O.J. Simpson and his first wife Marguerite Whiteley's third child after daughter Arnelle and son Jason were born.

Marguerite and O.J. had married young, with the future footballer just 19 years old at the time they tied the knot. 12 years and 3 children later, they were getting divorced.


But that year would hold another, even greater tragedy for the couple when Aaren lost her life.

After Aaren was found in the pool, she was rushed to UCLA Medical Center. Sadly, there was nothing doctors could do for her, and she passed away on August 26, eight days after the accident. 

Her official cause of death was listed as "respiratory failure." 


While his daughter could not be saved from the tragedy, O.J. released a statement profusely thanking everyone who had kept his daughter and the rest of his family in their thoughts and prayers during the difficult time.  

O.J.'s other two daughters, Arnelle and Sydney, are living largely out of the limelight today. Sydney is O.J.'s daughter by his second wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. 

Arnelle was most recently heard of when she spoke at her father's parole hearing, testifying on his behalf. 

"No one really knows how much we have been through, this ordeal in the last nine years... My experience with him is that he's like my best friend and my rock," she said. 


She continued by explaining that he had done everything he could for the family to behave in a way that spoke to his true nature, something she felt could only be positive. 

For her part, Sydney lives in Florida, and is currently dating Robert Blackmon, who also has a criminal record. Blackmon was arrested in 2009 after he crashed his Cadillac and then fled the scene. 

He also ran for a city council position in St Petersburg, Florida, but was unsuccessful.