Single mom lives in school parking lot with kids. Until the police decided to intervene

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 12, 2018
07:50 A.M.
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Many people agree that even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise again. That’s what happened to a homeless family in Michigan.


Sgt. Heather Kolke, a member of the Walled Lake Police Department, was nearby an elementary school one day when a woman, Erin Harrison, approached her and asked for legal advice.

As Spotlight Stories reported, Harrison and her twin daughters, Hayden and Abbigale, were homeless and they asked if it was illegal to sleep in a car.

When Kolke asked more questions, she learned that they were planning to sleep in their car that night in order to get the children to school the next morning. Harrison pointed out that they had been kicked out of their previous house due to the high rent price.

Since she is a single mother who works day in and day out at a local McDonalds, she spends all the money she earns to buy food and take care of her daughters, which means it wasn’t enough to move into a home.


After learning all this, Kolke knew she had to do something. She contacted a couple of colleagues and friends and quickly gathered enough money to rent a hotel room for a night.

She later arranged everything to give the twins a fun birthday party who turned 9 a few days after they got together for the first time. The community joined their efforts to create the best party ever.


‘Balloons donated by Party City, a cake from Buttercream Bakery. They said their favorite food was Pizza Hut. They donated pizza.’

Sgt. Heather Kolke, Spotlight Stories, April 6, 2018.

When Walled Lake Mayor, Linda Ackley, heard their story, they asked the community to find a long-term solution for the family. Many business owners decided to gather funds (more than $2,500) and gave it all to her.

Another person took Hayden and Abbigale on a $1,000 shopping trip for clothes and necessities. Harrison admitted that she could never thank the community enough and that all the money would be used to live in a proper house.