Mom hears strange sounds from baby monitor. Then she finds newborn gasping in baby crib

Apr 13, 2018
12:50 A.M.
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This couple desperately wanted to become parents, but were met with heartbreak after heartbreak. 


Roy and Bernita Rogers had tried many times to have a baby. Three times Benita fell pregnant, but each time the babies were born too prematurely to survive. 

As reported by Goodfulness, the couple had just about given up when they met a stray kitten they called Midnight. 

Realizing parenthood may never be on the cards for them, they took Midnight in and gave him a proper home. Slowly but surely, the couple healed from the pain of their losses. 

But Midnight also seemed to be a good luck charm for the couple, who discovered that Bernita was pregnant again a year later. This time, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl who they named Stacey. 


“I do believe Stacey’s birth was a miracle,” Bernita said. “I don’t know that I can put into words … how long we waited and how special that made her.”

It wasn't long before Midnight had assigned himself the job of Stacey's bodyguard, and at one point he even saved her little life. 

Stacey was just 6 weeks old when she got sick. After taking her to the doctor and being told it was just a cold, Bernita took her baby back home and put her to bed in her crib. 

Bernita then went back downstairs to talk to her parents, who were visiting. While they were chatting away, Midnight charged into the room and started jumping up and down on Bernita's lap. 


Thinking the cat was just being a cat, she ignored it as Midnight fled back out of the room. But the next thing Bernita heard would have her in a panic. 

From the baby monitor on the table came the most awful screeching and wailing sounds. She immediately knew that something was wrong, and ran upstairs to the nursery. 


There she found Stacey blue in the face and unable to breathe. Bernita remembers thinking that in that moment she thought she was going to lose her baby girl. 

They rushed the little one to the hospital, where she went into full respiratory failure. Luckily for the family, they were just in time for doctors to be able to save Stacey's life. 

“This cat actually saved this baby’s life, for us … There’s no way we could repay him,” Bernita said.