Simple way to fight diabetes at home in just 10 days

Apr 13, 2018
10:09 A.M.
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Diabetes has been a menace to numerous families for many decades.

As discussed in an article published by Right Home Remedies, there are quite a few home remedies that can keep diabetes or any other insulin-related disorders in check.

Diabetes is caused when the production of insulin in the body is drastically reduced than required.

The major reasons for someone suffering from diabetes are if the family has a history of the disease or if the pancreas that secretes insulin is not healthy. 

It is always better to check for diabetes at a young age so that the damage can be prevented in future if a family member has diabetes. On the other hand, pancreatic disorders can delay the availability of insulin for the body.


These few home remedies can get rid of diabetes for good.

Source: Wikimedia

Hibiscus leaves are regarded to be the best natural cure for maintaining diabetes. These leaves are very helpful when it comes to reducing the symptoms.

To make a drinkable remedy, the hibiscus leaves and put in a blender along with drinking water. Once the paste is formed, it is stored and kept in a cool and dry place.

For usage, four tablespoons of this paste are mixed thoroughly in half a glass of water and kept overnight. Consuming this mixture every morning for 10 consecutive days with an empty stomach can recalibrate the insulin levels.


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In case, any day is skipped, the treatment must be stopped and resumed only after 60 days and the schedule must not be broken.

Instead of hibiscus leaves, one can opt in for hibiscus powder that is readily available in the market. One table of hibiscus powder is to be mixed in a bowl of drinkable water. This mixture is to be kept overnight.

If the mixture is consumed every day in the morning with an empty stomach, one can see the positive results. Both the home remedies are considered to be very effective and they do not cause any side effects.