Devastated mum slams trolls who turned a photo of her four children into a 'disgusting' meme

Apr 13, 2018
07:52 A.M.
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A mother shares how she was hurt by a seemingly harmless meme that went viral on social media.


Bobbie-Jo Theriault expressed her disgust at a meme that mocked the deformity of her children and went viral on social media.

According to Liftable, Theriault and her children have a rare genetic deformity known as Crouzon Syndrome, a condition which causes a person's skull bones to fuse too early while the brain is still growing.

When Theriault and her husband decided to give their son, Jayden, a sibling, they did not know that they would soon be giving birth to triplets.


“We didn’t use fertility drugs. It just happened and it was unexpected but I don’t believe in abortion or anything so I believe in having the kids and I am blessed,” the source quoted Theriault as revealing in a 2010 interview.

All of Theriault's four children have got the rare deformity which has given them 'misshapen heads and wide-set eyes,' the online source reported.


Unfortunately, not everyone understood the struggles that this family has been facing because of their deformity. And without acknowledging their backstory, they created a tasteless meme out of it.

The meme showed a snapshot of all the members of the family with the caption, 'When you don't learn from your mistakes.'


It was clearly aimed at the deformity of the children as well as the mother, and was cruelly suggesting that having her children was a 'mistake.'

Although the family has endured much more difficult situations such as reconstructive surgeries because of their deformity, such mockery made on a public platform would definitely hurt.

The event has caused Theriault to be even more concerned about the type of bullying that her children might have to face as they get older and even begin to go online.