Princess Diana's very special gift is being worn by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Apr 15, 2018
02:49 A.M.
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One of the most favorite pieces of jewelry of Princess Diana is now with Camilla. Supporters are not too happy about it.


Following the divorce between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the People's Princess had to give up a lot of royal privileges and gifts. One of such gifts was 'The Prince of Wales Feathers brooch,' according to All Cute All The Time.

The source informed that Diana was seen wearing the brooch, which was her precious wedding gift, all the time during her public outings.

The brooch is a part of the family heirloom, having been passed down from Queen Alexandra to Queen Mary, and then to Queen Elizabeth.


It was presented to Diana by the Queen as a wedding present and as a symbol of welcoming her into the family. Consequently, Diana wore the brooch throughout her days as Princess with pride and prestige.

When the affair between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles peaked, Diana ended her marriage with the Prince of Wales in 1996. Sadly, she passed away in a tragic accident only a year later in 1997.


Prince Charles and Camilla later married in 2005. As the wife of Prince of Wales, Camilla received several similar wedding gifts that Prince Diana had once been given. The Prince of Wales Feathers brooch was one of such gifts.

When Diana's brooch was recognized on Camilla for the first time at a film premiere in London, the public was shocked.


Most of Princess Diana's fans were disturbed to see their favorite Princess' adorable piece of jewelry on someone else, the online source suggested.

It was reported that Camilla had worn the brooch in public because Prince Charles was adamant on his new bride to wear the family heritage that had its connection to all the princes of Wales.

However, for the loyal supporters of Diana, each time Camilla wears the brooch, it is a reminder of the difficult love affair between Prince Charles, Diana, and Camilla, the source reported.