Dad bought gun for 6-year-old daughter so she can shoot back if her school is ever attacked

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 15, 2018
07:13 A.M.
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Many people think that she's too young to handle a firearm.


As reported by Metro, Adrianna Mcdonald received a 22 caliber Ruger for her fifth birthday. Her 26-year-old father, Joshua, decided to give her the pistol because she started to take an interest in his shooting hobby.

The six-year-old now goes out every weekend in Tilton, New Hampshire with his father, who insisted that she knows how to safely handle the firearm.

Joshua is engaged to Adrianna’s mother, Kayla, who is also an avid shooter. The couple has been together for 8 years.

"With school shootings becoming so common these last few years we both want her prepared and ready to defend herself if at all possible with a firearm," Joshua said.


He explained that his daughter started shooting by practicing with a B.B. gun. He later decided to give her the 22 Ruger to make it easier for her to fire properly because it has a lighter recoil.

Joshua, who is a factory worker, has been hunting since he was six years old. He is looking forward to taking his little daughter hunting, just like what his father did with him.

"Adrianna has a blast shooting and enjoys taking our time learning the proper ways to handle firearms and especially making targets," he said.


He added that when he was growing up, he had friends who showed interest in firearms but didn’t have proper training with them.

He continued that he's doing his best to teach his family how to handle guns properly and safely.

Joshua does not support the idea of banning AR-15 rifles in America, and he actually agreed with President Donald Trump’s suggestion to arm school staff.

When he was asked how he would respond to anyone who criticized him for teaching Adrianna to shoot, he replied that he would tell them to get a grip and open their eyes.

He further explained that scaring the children away from firearms is not going to help the situation.