Puppy and baby girl turn crib into their playground! Are they not super cute?

Apr 15, 2018
11:00 P.M.
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This little girl is clearly going to grow up with a built-in best friend right at home with her. 


It's no accident that has led humans to call dogs man's best friend. They are loving, gentle, and loyal to a fault when it comes to the humans who treat them right. A dog in a loving home becomes part of the family. 

This Boston Terrier has a new human at home, and he's already completely in love with his human sister, reported We Love Animals

Most dogs that are fairly young when children enter the household have patience that amazes even the baby's parents. They are gentle even with these tiny humans that tend to have no understanding of personal space. 

These relationships can be some of the most enteraining and endearing to watch, and many of them end up going viral because of sweet videos that are posted on social media. 


This is one such occasion, where a baby girl seems to have the family Boston Terrier for a best friend. 

The little girl can be seen giggling away in her crib over the dog's antics, while her mother, who is filming the scene, tries to coax the dog out of the crib. 

Conveniently, the crib is pushed up against the mother's bed, making it easy for the short-legged pup to jump into the baby's crib. 

Rather than panicking about the sudden intrusion, the little girl is delighted to have her best friend in her crib! 


Just once the dog listens to his mother to "get out of her crib," which he then follows by running in circles on the floor outside the crib before hopping right back in. The little girl giggles the entire way through the interaction. 

Quite content to remain with his human sister, the pup ignores all further calls to get out of the crib. Although, to be fair, his human mommy didn't particularly sound too angry about where he was.

Instead he cuddles up to the baby girl, who proceeds to play with his ears. While it is probably safe to assume that at her age she isn't being too gentle, the pup doesn't react in any way to her pulling on his ears. 

The little girl is also very happy to have her four-legged friend with her, at one point curling her arm around his back in a little hug.