Why it's okay to cut toxic family members out of your life

Several people, especially grandparents, often say that family should always be right at the top of one’s priority list.

They add that they should always forgive family members for their mistakes and even make it sound as an obligation. The truth is that some of them might be toxic and the simple fact of being in touch with them is not healthy.

Providr reported that experts did an intense investigation and concluded that it was completely fine to cut out family members from people’s lives. Sherrie Campbell, a licensed California psychologist, is one of them.

She pointed out that when someone feels abused mentally, physically, sexually, verbally, or emotionally, due to any kind of manipulation, cutting out the person who makes them feel that way was almost mandatory.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

‘When you are living in constant anxiety never knowing or being able to predict how any engagement is going to turn out, it is time to love yourself enough to let go.’

Sherrie Campbell, Providr, March 15, 2018.

She added that another sign that shows people should end their relationship with someone else is when the negative impact they cause affects different aspects of their life, such as at work or at home.

Another expert who chimed in on that topic was Jamye Waxman, who has a Masters in Education and wrote How to Break Up With Anyone: Letting Go of Friends, Family, and Everyone In-Between.

He said that being around a toxic person is very detrimental to people’s health as they increase the risk of high blood pressure, it weakens the immune system, causes headaches and stomachaches, and leads to sleep problems.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Mark Goulston, a clinical psychiatrist, confessed that another sign of a toxic relationship is when people feel bad only by thinking about that negative relative.

Steven Hanley, a clinical psychologist, finally added that if the toxic individual is affecting people’s immediate family such as their spouse or children, they should take a step back for the sake of their family.

Other aspects, such as the person always contacting them with the sole purpose of asking for money, telling their own problems, and decisions, suggest that it is time to leave.

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