If you experienced emotional abuse as a child, you most likely do these things as an adult

Apr 16, 2018
03:34 P.M.
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There are several signs that can reveal whether or not a person might have been emotionally abused in childhood.

The burden of emotional abuse suffered during childhood may last a lifetime. According to Healthy Holistic Living, many victims have revealed some of the consequences of emotional abuse that shows up even during adulthood.

One of the first signs of emotional abuse suffered during childhood that develops when one turns adult is an intolerance to conflicts. Even sudden loud noises may cause a 'fight or flight' situation.

Struggling to accept the compliments is another issue that these people face. As they are mostly used to being talked about mistakes and flaws, they are not able to cope when someone praises them, according to the source.


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Similarly, this same reason also leads them to try to overachieve in everything they do, just to prove to themselves that they can do something.

Confidence issues are also another harrowing things about these people. People who faced emotional abuse as a child would find it hard to believe that they are doing the right thing, no matter what others tell them.

Too much of emotional stress and blame-taking in the childhood makes these people want to apologize all the time because they always carry the feeling that they are at fault for everything.

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Due to the constant feeling of being wrong about everything, they also tend to be indecisive about most things in life. They just cannot believe that they can take the right decision without anyone's interference.

Another sign of childhood emotional abuse is that the person grows up to be the kind of person who likes to isolate themselves and even seek recluse in the safety of their home.

Just like the issues with confidence, such people also develop major issues related to trust. They find it hard to trust anyone and put their faith in someone.

Most of the times, people who have suffered emotional abuse in childhood will tend to be defensive about everything. So they often come off as rude or cynical people.