Abandoned dog won’t turn away from the wall. Strong fear seized the poor animal

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 16, 2018
11:48 P.M.
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This dog has been through a traumatic experience which she couldn't forget.


As reported by We Love Animals, Tammy Graves, a dog lover, took to Facebook to share a photo of a frightened black Labrador, believed to be named June Cash.

Graves is the founder of The Haley Graves Foundation, a non-profit rescue organization saving shelter dogs in North Carolina.

In the viral Facebook post, she revealed that Cash was abandoned by her owner at the shelter. As a way of spreading the dog's story, she made the post available to the public.

'Animals walk by and never return. And he has no idea his fate. All he knows is he didn't ask to be here. He didn't even ask to be born to irresponsible owners,' she wrote.


Graves first spotted Cash when she visited the shelter. The dog looked scared while cowering in the corner of her kennel.

Cash wouldn’t even turn away from the wall and the dog lover felt sorry for her.

'Today he lays frozen in fear, in a puddle of his own urine. Afraid to move, afraid to make eye contact, thinking just maybe he can fade away into this wall,' Graves wrote.


She added that what happened to Cash was the reality of irresponsible pet ownership.

Graves then decided to help her. She rescued Cash and immediately took her to the vet, where she spent some time.

In the vet, Cash was found to have a severe heartworm infection. She also showed signs of past abuse.

The vets did their best to treat Cash and soon enough she began her physical and mental recovery process into a foster home.

Cash started to slowly come out of her shell. She became comfortable with physical contact and she also started to approach her foster father with her tail wagging, according to We Love Animals.

Graves uploaded multiple photos of Cash on Facebook, where she pointed out that Cash is a female.

She captioned the post: 'And Cash (who is a female) is Free! This is what Freedom smells like!'