Pregnant Duchess Kate was seen loading bags into her car after shopping in a local store

Apr 16, 2018
08:15 P.M.
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Although a traditional British Royal Family member would not do these kinds of things in her position, she seems like the warrior type.


While Kate Middleton decided to avoid the public eye before giving birth to her third child with Prince William later this month, she was seen happily browsing a store.

According to Daily Mail, the 36-year-old royal was visiting a branch of her favorite supermarket in Norfolk before loading her truck herself.

A shopper, who was passing by on the same store, photographed Middleton with her iPhone, claiming that the Duchess bought a plant of coriander or parsley, with a '25 percent off' sticker.

The anonymous woman said that when she followed Middleton to her Range Rover, someone who was passing by greeted Midleton. He said: "Hello" to her and the Duchess replied: "Hi, hello."


"I was just in Waitrose doing a bit of shopping. I just went around the corner of the aisle and I saw her. I said to my husband 'that looks like Kate Middleton'. He said 'it's not', and I said 'it is'," a passer-by said.

The Duchess was using the Quick Check system, which allows customers to scan and pack their shopping straight into bags in the trolley while walking the store.


The same source claimed that she saw Midleton while shopping at the store, but decided to wait 15 minutes to approach her when she was outside in the parking lot.

"I just saw her browsing. I didn't want to get too close to her," the woman added.


The source also explained that Midleton was accompanied by a royal protection officer who was standing next to her at all times during the visit.

The woman, who's not from the area and was returning from a holiday for the weekend at the time she visited the store, claimed that it was a surreal experience.

The royal seemed to have taken her own bags with her to the store, showing that she has the conservationist vein in her, or that she's just trying to support these measures.

Kate Midleton is expected to give birth to her third child, before the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, on May 19, 2018, in Windsor, Berkshire.