Couple wanted to announce pregnancy. Then ultrasound captured their child clapping

Apr 16, 2018
08:58 P.M.
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This couple had been racking their brains for a special way to announce their pregnancy when the solution came to them. 


Jennifer and her husband were excited for the arrival of their first child. It had about reached the time where they wanted to start telling people they were expecting, but they wanted to do it in a unique way. 

As reported by The Epoch Times, the couple were still trying to think up a clever announcement when something amazing happened. 

In the early stages of pregnancy, women have to regularly check in with their doctors and go for scans to ensure all is well with both mom and baby. 

It was on such an occasion that Jennifer and her husband's baby announcement woes were answered, as baby had the perfect solution to the problem. 


During the scan, the doctor seemed pleased that the baby was developing normally, and that Jennifer was healthy as she carried her little bundle of joy. 

But then, while the camera was aimed at the little one in Jennifer's belly, the baby decided to do something completely unexpected for their parents. 

The couple were stunned as they watched the monitor, which appeared to show their baby clapping in the womb! 

Thinking quickly, they pulled out their phones and recorded the incredible moment, deciding that this would be how they announced Jennifer's pregnancy to their family and friends. 

As the baby clapped in her womb, Jennifer serenaded her little one. It's certainly a wonderful way to announce a new baby, and the couple were delighted with what they were seeing.