Paramedics attacked for stopping to buy a bag of chips during ten-hour shift

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 17, 2018
07:55 A.M.
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Most people agree that paramedics have a crucial job as they ensure the lives of many after a car accident or any other life-threatening incident.


The truth is that they cannot avoid negative comments from people who all they want is to hurt other’s feelings. That’s exactly what happened to Tim Hargreaves and Kiri Howard, two paramedics based in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

According to Metro, after a non-stop six-hour shift, they stopped by a store at around 8 p.m. for a quick break to buy something to eat so they could ‘fill the tank’ and continue with the rest of their job.

While they were choosing what to eat, they overheard someone saying that they had to wait for an ambulance, ‘nice you have time to eat.’ Despite the fact that it was not the first time they heard something negative, it affected both of them.


They confessed that they don’t like when people feel disappointed with the service they offer and that if they would have asked them nicely, they would have explained what happened.

And it wasn’t like they were secretly having dinner as they asked the control room for permission and they granted it. Hargreaves took to his Twitter account to share the bad experience they had and revealed what they did later.

He pointed out that only five minutes later, they responded to a cardiac arrest and saved that person’s life. They didn’t even have time to finish their meal, which is something people like the one they heard at the store don’t appreciate.


It is not the first time things like that happen. In December 2017, a police officer from Leicestershire was queuing to get some food at a store and a person said, ‘waste of taxpayers’ money.’

PC Joe Lloyd, who works in Oakham, Rutland, said that the fact that an officer was buying food to ‘sustain’ herself for the rest of the shift was a good use of taxpayers’ money.