Two-year-old in hospital fighting for his life after pizzeria makes a grave mistake

Apr 17, 2018
08:33 A.M.
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A father took his son to a pizzeria for a delicious treat. But it soon turned into a nightmare for the family.


Sajid Hussain's two-year-old son, Zayaan, who is allergic to dairy, suffered an anaphylactic shock after a Blackpool Pizza Hut store gave him the 'wrong' pizza, according to Liftable.

The source reported that the father had strictly ordered a vegan pizza because of his son's allergy. He even reconfirmed that it was absolutely dairy after receiving the pizza as well.

The staff at the pizzeria reassured Hussain that the pizza was safe to eat. Unfortunately, as soon as Zayaan began eating the Margherita pizza, he went into anaphylactic shock.

“Ten minutes went by and he just started shutting down,” the online source quoted his Hussain recalling the incident. “Something wasn’t right.”


He explained that Zayaan could no longer respond to him, had trouble breathing, and also began vomiting. When the paramedics arrived at the scene, his oxygen levels had reached too low.


Hussain further stated, “It actually got worse as we got to the hospital. There were talks of him having to be resuscitated. Luckily my wife had the Epipens with her.”

Zayaan was treated at Blackpool Victoria Hospital for two days following the incident. Although the young boy was recovering, he was 'quite himself' yet, according to the father.

The family stated that the incident had been a traumatic experience for them and they would not want anyone else to endure what they had gone through.

Later, Hussain spoke to the Pizza Hut about the entire incident and also called up Environmental Health. Following the complain, Pizza Hut released a statement apologizing for their mistake and assuring the family that investigations were underway.

In their statement, Pizza Hut also revealed that the incident was an 'unacceptable situation' and that their internal investigation had found that the family had been given the wrong pizza due to 'human error.'