Remember funny boy Chunk from 'The Goonies'? Now he is 43 and we bet you'll never recognize him

The 43-year-old former-child star, Jeff Cohen, is most famously known for his portrayal of Chubby Chunk in the 1985 film, The Goonies. 

While remembered as a somewhat 'chubby' child, fans would be forgiven if they didn't recognize Cohen today. On September 18, 2015, he attended the Variety & Women in Film pre-Emmy's even in Los Angeles. 

As reported by Mirror, Cohen practices a lawyer and opened his law firm in Beverly Hills, Cohen Gardner LLP, after obtaining a degree from the University of California. 

He also worked as a media lawyer, thanks to the network connections he made through Richard Donner, who directed The Goonies in the mid-eighties. 

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It has been more than three decades since Cohen shook his stomach in the adventure film. The former actor has slimmed down since then, again, with Donner's help. 

According to Mirror, Donner paid for Cohen's gym membership and put him in touch with 'someone to work with.' Cohen went on to become caption of his wrestling team in high school, as well as captain of his football team. 

Still, he will always be remembered as lovable Chunk. In his Twitter bio, he joking wrote: 'Chunk in Goonies. Please don't hold that against me.'

US Weekly reported that when screenwriter Chris Columbus was asked in 2015 if The Goonies will ever make a comeback, he said that a remake might be in the works. 

He added that it would be a challenge because The Goonies was a well-loved movie, and a remake should still contain the magic and awe which the original film so masterfully showcased. 

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

"The Goonies have aged 30 years, so there was a magic about that particular cast. How do you make it work now? That's a difficult challenge."

Chris Columbus, Us Weekly, September 21, 2015 

As for Cohen, his last acting role was Ward in the 1991 made-for-TV film, Perfect Harmony. From 1993 until 1988, he also appeared in Little Shots and Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School. 

From 2001 until 2003, he produced a TV series documentary titled The Living Century, and in 2009, he produced the series Rise and Fall of Tuck Johnson. 

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